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November 9, 2021

We can’t quite believe it is November already! We had a brilliant first half of the term. The children have been having lots of fun in class and have been making a lot of progress.

We have really noticed a difference in the children’s confidence since our classes started back in September. We celebrated one of our tiniest Ballerina’s fully participating in a whole class. Previously, this little Ballerina had happily watched everyone, but wasn’t quite ready to join in with us. As the weeks went by, with gentle encouragement and reassurance from us, she began to join in. We were so happy to see she felt comfortable and confident to do the whole class with us. The smile on her face at the end said it all.

We wrapped up the first half of the term with our fabulous ‘Spooktacular Day of Dance’ during the Half term break. What an incredible day this was with an amazing group of children and some fabulous costumes (great effort everyone!). The children had a lot of fun creating a Musical Ghostbusters Video, worked on their Acrobatic skills and played fun games. We really enjoy holding these days, it's a fantastic opportunity for the children to mix with more children at Thorrington Dance Academy.

We are really excited for the start of the second half of the term. We have lots planned for the children!

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